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Guangxi University of Science and Technology is situated in Liuzhou, a national-level historical and cultural city, a significant industrial town, transportation junction and business and logistics center in southwest China. It is a general institute of higher education directly under the administration of the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Guangxi University of Science and Technology was founded as Guangxi University of Technology in Nanning in 1958. In 1985, the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region decided to relocate Guangxi University of Technology in Liuzhou. In 2012, Guangxi University of Technology merged with Liuzhou Medical College. In 2013, Guangxi University of Science and Technology was established with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

The university adheres to the educational philosophy of “Education-oriented, Teachers and Students First”, and continuously deepens the educational characteristics of “School-market Integration and School-enterprise Cooperation” with the motto of “Seeking the Truth, Tracing the Source, Improving Moral Cultivation and Pursuing Innovation” and the spirit of “Pioneers, Perseverance, Practicability and Innovation, and Pursuing Excellence”. It fully carries out the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, always sticks to the original mission of educating people for the Party and the country, actively serves regional economic and social development, and strives to cultivate high-quality, innovative, interdisciplinary and application-oriented talents with comprehensive development of virtue, intelligence, physical conditions, mind status and community service, and the coordinated development of knowledge, ability and quality, as well as a solid professional foundation, social responsibility, feelings of home and country, a spirit of innovation and practical ability. These talents will become the backbone of the industry in the future and play the role of innovation link in technology, management, service and other fields.

Well equipped with basic facilities and superior educational conditions, the university has three campuses in Wenchang (formerly Donghuan), Liushi and Liudong, and two clinical medical schools, covering an area of nearly 2,800 mu, with a total school building area of more than 860,000 square meters, and an average value of 20,000 Yuan for teaching and research equipment per student. It has 16 secondary colleges, an academic department, two affiliated hospitals (the first affiliated hospital and the second affiliated hospital), and over 27,000 full-time students. The university continues to promote the construction of smart campuses and has built a data center with a capacity of 400 physical servers, which has been included in the Urban Key Units of China Education and Research Network. It has established the Tus Incubator Base for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and been awarded as the Liuzhou Branch of “Creativity, Innovation, Invention and Entrepreneurship Center” for College Students in Guangxi, and the Public Creative Space of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.


The university has a full range of disciplines with distinct characteristics, and mainly focuses on engineering, with nine major disciplines covering engineering, management, science, medicine, economics, liberal arts, law, art and education. In 2013, approved by the Academic Degree Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the university has been authorized to set up and build doctoral programs with rights to confer Doctoral Degree. Now, it has three disciplines authorized to develop doctoral programs and qualified to award Doctoral Degree, two first-class disciplines in Guangxi, nine key disciplines in Guangxi colleges and universities, nine first-level disciplines qualified of awarding Master Degree, and nine categories with the authorization for conferring Professional Master Degree, covering more than 50 professional directions, 67 undergraduate majors and nine junior college majors, one of which has passed the international effective equivalence certification, and the other one has passed the professional evaluation certification of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and 12 majors have included in the first batch of undergraduate enrollment in Guangxi; It also has three national characteristic majors, a “Professional Comprehensive Trial Reforms” major of the Ministry of Education, four national first-class undergraduate majors, 21 first-class undergraduate majors at autonomous region-level, three major construction programs for vocational education teachers of the Ministry of Education, nine integration construction programs of characteristic majors and curriculum in Guangxi higher education institutions, six advantageous characteristic majors in Guangxi colleges and universities, and seven construction projects of teaching bases (centers) of characteristic majors and experimental training in Guangxi undergraduate institutions; six autonomous region-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, two virtual simulation experimental teaching centers at the autonomous region level, three national first-class undergraduate courses, 40 first-class undergraduate courses at the autonomous region level and seven model courses of ideology and politics in Guangxi undergraduate universities.

The talent training system of the university is sound, and the training quality has been constantly improved. The professional talent training program reflects the concept of student-centered, results-oriented and continuous improvement, reasonably sets the total credits of the first class, reconstructs the professional course system and teaching content, and promotes the depth, difficulty and challenge of the course. In December 2015, the university successfully passed the review and evaluation of undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education. In the past five years, teachers of the university have won 40 teaching achievement awards at the autonomous region level, 11 of which are the first prize, and students have obtained more than 400 national awards by participating in the “Internet +”, “Challenge Cup”, mathematical modeling, electronic design and other discipline competitions, of which, gained the second place in the 2018 Formula SAE – China and in the 2020 FSEC, accumulated 51 gold medals in the Rock Climbing Championship for National College Students, ranked first in the total score of the undergraduate group at the 11th Student Sports Meeting of Guangxi, and won the championship of men’s basketball team of the undergraduate group at the 12th Student Sports Meeting of Guangxi. The employment rate of graduates has been maintained at a high level, and the university has been conferred the title of “Outstanding Unit of Employment and Entrepreneurship Work for College Graduates in Guangxi” for successive years. It has implemented the quality improvement project of ideological and political work, “Young Marxists Training Programs” and the Party’s basic knowledge education programs for college students, and achieved remarkable results. The main channel role of classroom education has been fully brought into play, and the education and teaching reform of “Curriculum with Ideology and Politics” has been steadily advanced. The university continues to promote the “Full Participation in Education, Whole Process of Education and All-round Education” and actively constructs the practical education system of “Three Collaborations and Ten Platforms”. It has been named to the “Outstanding Unit” for 21 times in the social practice activity of “Going to the Countryside to Spread Literacy and Scientific Knowledge and Offer Medical Services to Farmers” for college and technical secondary school students in summer vacation. The project of “Social Work for Young Students” was recognized as the excellent project of the second batch of ideological and political work in national colleges and universities.

The structure and quality of teachers is reasonable and excellent. There are more than 2,000 faculty members in the university, full-time teachers with senior professional title accounted for nearly 50%, and 19 of the teachers are experts enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, Bagui scholars, Guangxi specially-invited and outstanding experts, the second level candidates of Guangxi Shibaiqian Talents Project, distinguished scholars in Guangxi higher education institutions, and overseas high-level talents introduced by the “Hundred Talents Plan” of Guangxi colleges and universities. Since the implementation of the “3331 High-level Talents Program” in 2017, over 300 teachers with PhD have been introduced, and nearly 100 teachers have been selected for the “3331 High-level Talents Program”. The university vigorously supports teachers to pursue doctoral degrees on the job, sends the key teachers abroad for study, and encourages them to take temporary jobs in enterprises or public institutions for training.

The university has constantly achieved new results in making efforts to promote the scientific and technological innovation and serve the society. Since 2016, its teachers have undertaken more than 1600 scientific research projects and won nearly 40 scientific research achievement awards at provincial and ministerial level and above. Among them, more than 100 projects have been funded by the state; two projects have been funded by National Art Foundation; a second prize of National Technology Invention, 17 Guangxi Science and Technology Awards and 18 Guangxi Social Science Excellent Achievement Awards, including a first prize of Guangxi Scientific and Technological Progress, and a top prize of Guangxi Technological Invention; 1600 authorized patents, 554 of which were for invention, ranking the top among universities in Guangxi; the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education has passed the acceptance inspection; the technology transfer center of the university was honored as the technology transfer demonstration institution at autonomous region-level. It now has 13 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research platforms, 13 departmental-level key scientific research platforms, 27 key scientific research platforms in Liuzhou, and a new-type think tanks with Guangxi characteristics. Based on the needs of regional industry development and combined with local key industries, the university has carried out extensive cooperation with LiuGong, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd., SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile and other enterprises and institutions in the fields of engineering machinery, automobile industry, biochemical engineering, healthy aquaculture, food, etc. Its vocational education base undertakes the training of vocational teachers and the recognition of “double-professionally-titled” teachers in Guangxi vocational colleges, and provides various social trainings at all levels for locals by relying on resources such as the cadre education and training base.

The university upholds to open cooperation in running schools, constantly expands the space for development, actively serves the "Digital China" strategy, and cooperates with well-known domestic enterprises to promote the integration of industry and education and the reform of diversified school-running mode. Its three schools, namely School of Intelligent Vehicle (Manufacturing) and New Energy Automobile Industry, School of Microelectronics and Advanced Materials Industry, and School of Tianhong Modern Textile Industry, have been approved as demonstration modern industry school of Guangxi general undergraduate universities. Among them, School of Intelligent Vehicle (Manufacturing) and New Energy Automobile Industry has been approved as one of the first demonstration modern industry school in China. The university has arranged majors related to the strategic emerging industries, and newly established six national special majors in new engineering field such as robot engineering, and two national controlled majors in medicine including clinical medicine. At present, the university has cooperated with Southern Cross University of Australia and Edinburgh Napier University of UK in two undergraduate programs, with more than 800 students. The number of students enrolled in the “4+0” sino-foreign cooperation program ranks the top among the similar colleges and universities in Guangxi, and the proportion of international students with degrees exceeds 80%. The university has been rated as “The Fastest Progress Unit of Overseas Study Education in Guangxi Universities”. It has carried out exchange and collaboration in various forms at different levels with 50 universities of 18 countries, including the UK, Australia, Germany, Russia, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc., and its international influence is growing.


The university has attached importance to promote cultural and ideological progress, and the campus civilization and harmony. It vigorously carries forward the socialist core values, and cultivates fine school spirit, teaching and study style and medical ethics. It has been awarded the titles of “Home of the National Model Workers”, “National Advanced Unit of Campus Culture”, “National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee” and “National Demonstration Base of Nationwide Reading”, and recognized as “Civilized Campus in Guangxi”, “Green School of Guangxi”, “Liuzhou Garden-style Unit” and “Security and Safe-guarding Advanced Unit of Liuzhou”.

The university will closely be around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping for the new era, vigorously carry forward the great spirit of Party building, deeply study and carry out the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, implement the spirit of the National and Regional Education Conference, the Party Building Work Conference of Colleges and Universities, the College Ideological and Political Work Meeting, and the Symposium for Teachers of Ideological and Political Theory Course in the University. By upholding and strengthening the overall leadership of the Party as guiding principle, firmly grasping the socialist direction of running school, performing the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, focusing on reinforcing the connotation construction to improve school-running level, deepening the integration of industry and education and promoting collaborative education, firmly believing, being of one heart and one mind, working hard and forging ahead, the university strives to write a new chapter in the development of a high-level application-oriented university with distinctive advanced features in China and make a new and greater contribution to develop a prosperous Guangxi with Chinese characteristics in a new era.

The First Clinical Medical College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology (the First Affiliated Hospital) is located at No. 124 Yuejin Road, Liubei District, Liuzhou, covering an area of about 90,000 square meters, with a building area of nearly 70,000 square meters and 1,000 hospital beds. It has 31 clinical departments, eight medical technology departments, an oral outpatient department, a community health service center, and 150 senior professional staff. It is a national grade III-A general hospital integrating medical treatment, prevention and health care, rehabilitation, scientific research and teaching. The hospital will continue to adhere to the principle of “revitalizing the hospital with science and education and strengthening the hospital with talents”, uphold the hospital motto of “good morality, fraternity, super medical skills and helping the masses” and the values of “both moral and technical cultivation and great ability”. With a high sense of responsibility and exquisite medical technology, the hospital will provide all-round full-cycle health services for the people.

The Second Clinical Medical College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology (the Second Affiliated Hospital) is located at No. 17 Jianpan Road, Yufeng District, Liuzhou, covering an area of 49,000 square meters, with a building area of 61,000 square meters and 960 hospital beds. It has 25 clinical departments, six medical technology departments, an oral outpatient department and a community health service center. It is a Grade III-B hospital that integrates medical treatment, prevention and health care, rehabilitation, scientific research and teaching, and is characterized by the treatment of various benign and malignant tumors and thyroid diseases. The hospital will focus on the overall goal of building a Grade III-A tumor hospital with the theme of promoting the construction of modern hospital management system and achieving high-quality development, uphold the hospital motto of "reverence for life, inheritance and innovation", gather strength, forge ahead, and escort people’s life and health.